Garbage Collection

Guide For Waste

As recycling is well practiced in Korea, tenants must separate trash and recyclables separately as they are collected separately.

Time to put the trash out:

  • Weekdays – After sunset (around 8pm~4am)
  • There is NO trash pick-up on the weekends.

1.  Normal trash.

Tenants naver fail to use regular garbage bags (White colored bags) in order to throw away normal trash.  Tenants can buy waste bags at any store in town. Please keep FOOD WASTE separate. You may throw bones and shells in the WHITE waste bags.  Trash fee is included in the regular plastic bag made by Pyeongtaek city. Please be sure to use those bags.

Garbage bags’ price  :  20L(₩500),  50L(₩1,250),  100L(₩2,500)

2. Food waste.

Tenants must use the ORANGE food waste bag, and must drain all food waste before putting it in the bag.  Bones and shells are not food waste but usual trash. There are designated containers outside where tenants can throw away food waste.  This is to prevent animals from digging through the trash.

Garbage bags’ price  :  1.5L(₩40),  3L(₩80),  5L(₩130)

3.  Recyclables.

Tenants must sort recyclables according to the material (paper, PETE, bottle, vinyl, flim, plastic, can, etc).