Q.  How to find a house to live off post? 

A.  Please provide your basic information about yourself, your favorate location, and residential types for us.  After we survey some  good properties, and make an appointment for a tour around the rentals, we’ll pick you up and take you on a tour.   If you make a dicision for your favorate property, you need to put in a security deposit in order not to show that place to other people any more.  Next, you set up a safety inspection schedule and a lease agreement date at Housing Office on post.  Please let us know the scheduled appointments before the actual dates. Normally we can do that for you and let you know the scheduled appointments.

Q.  How can I get permission to reside off post? 

A.  In order to get permission to reside off post, you should fill out the 1058 Form.  This is a required document for Non command sponsored only for your Off-post Housing Packet.  After you fill your personal information in the form, you have to obtain signatures from your chain of command authorizing you to live off-post.  It requires your Company Commander’s signature and Battalion Commander’s signature.  Please be aware that approval from both commanders does not automatically authorize OHA.  Final approval for OHA will come from the Chief, Housing  Division.  You will not be allowed to sign a lease until the 1058 form is signed by both Company and Battalion Commanders.  Once you have obtained the required signatures, you need to prepare the necessary supporting documents.

Q.  How fast can I move in? 

A.  You can move in the apartment in 2 days or 3 days after you make a decision. If we pass the safety inspection you can move in even before you sign the lease on post.

Q.  How much is the rent around Camp Humphreys? 

A.  Basically, the rent is determined by the owner. But Housing Office estimates FMV(Fair Market Value)about rental apartments. Even though your OHA exceeds FMV, the rent can’t go over the FMV. Approximately,  rent of  apartments with 2 bedrooms will be around 800,000WON(U$760),  3bedrooms : 1,000,000Won~1,600,000Won(U$950~1,520),  4bedrooms : 1,600,000Won~2,000,000Won(U$1,520~1,900).  Most of rental houses for soldiers are furnished.

Q.  How much is the utility fee? 

A.  All service members can receive about U$1,000 as an utility allowance every month if they live in off post housing. On average utility fees will be U$300 or U$400, so you can save at least U$600 or U$700 in case of living in off post housing.

Q.  How big apartments can I live in? 

A.  It depents on your OHA.  OHA is not like BAH.  OHA has a ceiling amount that is determined by your pay grade.  You may rent a home up to or below that ceiling amount; however, you will not be allowed to keep the difference of OHA if you rent below the ceiling amount.  You may also exceed your OHA ceiling with a completed “Request Approval to  Exceed OHA Ceiling” memo signed by your unit commander.  Please be aware that the between your actual rent amount and the OHA ceiling amount is an out-of-pocket expense for you.  Payment of OHA is based on the local currency (Korean WON)  and the exchange rate, which fluctuates daily.  You may request an OHA advance for the first month’s rent at the time of your lease signing; the Housing Lease Negotiator will provide the necessary documents that you will need to file with the Finance Office directly.

Q. How long does it take from Camp Humphreys? 

A.  It is within around 5  minutes drive from the main gate of the Camp Humphreys.  There are some houses within walking distance from the post as well.

Q. How fast is the internet in Korea?

A.  Korea is noted for its global leadership in high-speed internet service and mobile phones.  Fiber-optic cables are installed in this area.  So You can have access to a high-speed internet. Normally Korean internet company does not provide a router so you need to bring a router if you want to use wireless internet. You can also get a router here in Korea at the price of U$30.


3 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hello sir ma’am,

    I am looking for off post housing starting April 2019 near camp humpreys korea. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you

  2. How is rent pay in Korea is it monthly or di you have to payt for the year. I am an DOD civilian scheduled to pcs to Camp Humphreys

    • Hello. Thank you your asking.
      DoD civilians pay rent for the year in a lump sum including all utilities on the camphumphreys.

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